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          Flat Rate Funding Group is an invoice factoring company exclusively for the freight industry. We offer flat rate factoring with no hidden fees, as well as the best customer service in the industry. We advance our clients’ funds within 24 hours, and we never charge for overnight ACH bank transfers (same day funding is also available upon request). Not to mention, our clients have 24/7 access to their own extensive online account, in which they are able to keep track of all their invoices, generate a multitude of reports and run free credit checks on thousands of brokers and shippers.
          Unlike other factoring companies, Flat Rate Funding Group is partnered with an FDIC insured bank. Our bank processes a high volume of invoices, which allows us to provide very low factoring rates to our clients.
          In addition to saving our clients money on their factoring, Flat Rate Funding Group can help our clients grow their businesses and save money elsewhere. Our in-house dispatch team can help them find high-paying loads. We can also provide our clients with excellent discounts on trailer leases and insurance premiums.
Another benefit we offer our factoring clients is an industry leading fuel card. Using our EFS fuel card, our clients can save money at hundreds of fueling stations throughout the country.
          At Flat Rate Funding Group, we are committed to giving you the best factoring rate, while providing unparalleled customer service.